Forecast 2020: 25M programmers in the World



$3 400 000 000

2005: Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia and its Flash Platform for $3.4 billion.


The lawsuit is forcing Google to replace Java*, Swift platform can take it over.


$7 400 000 000

2010: Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and its Java platform for $7.4 billion.


Open Source platform MONO appeared after Microsoft refused to make .NET/ C# cross-platform


$9 300 000 000

2016: Illegal use of Java in Android caused Oracle lawsuit against Google, pending $9.2 billion damage


Due to slow growth of Swift, Apple switched its license to open source. Cross-platform is about to appear.

Conclusions: Who is the owner of IT-platform — that really controls market is built on it. That is why our project is the first step of creating an innovative IT-platform — that is, real competitor systems — Java, Flash, .NET, Swift, etc.

* In the next few years on the market will re-division of net platforms and Java will lose leadership.
This is a very promising time for entering the market.

Let’s do it together accelerate technological make IT-revolution and new step into the future

Sergey (Diflux) Urnyaev, co-founder