Private round
allocation whitelist!

$50,000 allocation for grab!
Genesis World is bringing their community a unique opportunity to participate in the private round sale just like a VC! Just like our decentralized VC model we let you invest in the same terms as VC’s!
$50,000 Private sale allocation will be split between 100 winners! Follow the tasks below and win your opportunity to participate in the private round sale!
Winners will get the same terms as the VC’s got in the private round.
Supply for Sale Up to 1.67 million tokens (1.67% of total supply)
Token price will be $0.03
Purchase Limits $500 min — $500 max
Funding Methods ETH
Vesting schedule is 45% on TGE for next 12 months!
✅ Most fair tier system and deal allocations
✅ Top quality deals and opportunity to invest at same terms as VC’s.
✅ Strong and experienced team, advisors and backers!
To enter this massive opportunity simply fill out the form and follow the steps below:

✅ Twitter Tasks! ✅
1. Follow @ruGenesisWorld on twitter

✅ Telegram Tasks! ✅
2. Join on telegram

GB Only complete and valid entries can enter competition.
ES Solo las inscripciones completas y válidas pueden participar en la competencia.
DE Nur vollständige und gültige Beiträge können am Wettbewerb teilnehmen.
RU К участию в конкурсе допускаются только полные и действительные заявки.

Follow @ruGenesisWorld

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